LAN Issues - Packet losses, high latency to local gateway
Posted by Siddharth Saxena on 20 February 2015 05:34 PM

For LAN issues like packet losses while pinging the LAN interface, kindly ensure that you have taken and analyzed the below stated points:
1 - % of Packet losses while pinging the local gateway IP and the latency of ICMP using Ping command. For ethernet connectivity, the optimum latency should be < 1ms and on wireless the optimum latency should be < 50ms

2 - If while checking #1, packet losses or ICMP latency is observed to be on higher side. Try connecting the PC/Laptop to the first switch connecting the LAN interface of the MSC.

3 - If improvement is observed on doing #2, this implies that the issue is arising after the first switch and you need to investigate the connecting switching devices.

4 - If no improvement is observed on doing #2, try connecting a PC/Laptop directly to the LAN port of the MSC and observe the packet losses and ICMP latency.

5 - If improvement is detected on doing #4, this means the MSC ethernet port serving the LAN is fine and you must try shedding some load on switch connecting the LAN port of MSC and investigate the malfuncting device.

6 - If no improvement is detected, please inform helpdesk via Chat, Telephone, Email or log a Ticket.


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