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High PING/ICMP to local gateway
Posted by Siddharth Saxena on 17 November 2014 12:07 PM


Latency to LAN for ICMP protocol will increase IF AND ONLY IF user is exceeding his QoS limits. Rebooting the MSG/MSC or applying the No QOS rule for resolution only give relief some time and is not a permanent fix. As Ping to any IP or Hostname will increase if the applied Bandwidth/QOS exceeds for a user.

Say we have a user 'ABC' which is assigned a '256 Kbps' QOS. .As soon as the user do a download/upload and at any point consumption reaches upto 256 kbps, and the user at the same time sends an ICMP request to its gateway. since the allotted 256 Kbps is constantly being used, there would not be much bandwidth available to Upload or download causing delay in either reaching of ICMP echo request to gateway or delay in getting the ICMP echo reply from gateway. But as soon as the continuous 256 Kbps consumption reduces and some bandwidth happens to available in the allocated QOS of 256 kbps, the ICMP latency improves.

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